What getting 19 million views on TikTok has taught me…so far

So I’ve somehow managed to get 19M views on TikTok. And that’s only in the last month, so there’s no telling where the future lies for my own account, but I want to talk a little bit about why I think that is, as well as where the app is going.

This is me in October of 2019.

There’s a reason that TikTok is coming out of nowhere, and basically beating all other video apps in downloads worldwide. This includes Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat.

It’s because TikTok highlights content that has a high interaction rate, and this makes the individual user’s experience the best it can possibly be.

In the past month alone, I’ve seen names like Will Smith, Steve Harvey, Comedy Central, Washington Post jump onto TikTok and start posting heavily. Even the Home Depot’s main commercial song has (for some weird ass reason) gone viral, with thousands of users creating memes to the song, or talking about their experiences at Home Depot in some form or another.

The app is experiencing a huge and very rapid growth phase, and honestly it may change social media forever.

Here’s the catch though.. the TikTok wave is happening right now, and if you aren’t on it, you’re missing out.

Here’s the thing about the future of TikTok that matters, and of course, it’s about money.

Learning from Vine’s mistake, TikTok knows it needs to monetize the app to keep creators from taking their audience to Youtube, and monetizing them there. If there’s no money, all that will happen is massive creators will take their following elsewhere, because at the end of the day, fans will pretty much go to whatever app their favorite creators are on. Some examples of creators who left vine and took their audiences to Youtube are now some of Youtube’s biggest stars. People like Jake & Logan Paul, as well as Cody Ko, Noel Miller (who currently just signed a massive music deal) are now rolling in the dough on Youtube, and Vine is completely dead.

History does repeat itself, however, I don’t think TikTok is that dumb.

I’ve already been able to generate enough views on TikTok, that (if it had monetization like Youtube) would have given me around 30-40K USD this month alone.

This is just a ballpark based on about 1M views a day, which is almost where i’m at on TikTok.

The biggest thing I’ve learned this month about TikTok, is if you don’t get on this wave, you’re gonna get left.

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