Up your snack game with Sahale Snacks pomegranate pistachios

I’ve been eating these every day (or another flavor) for like three weeks now.

I’ve been straight up addicted to these Sahale Snacks since I found them, and every day that I work, I stop by the gas station and pick up a pack or two. I like to keep my protein intake pretty high, and healthy snacks are my typical-go-to, so when I saw this Frankenstein-esque trail mix-esque creation on the shelf I was like… this is probably good. And I was right, like I always am* (60% of the time I’m always right).

I’d honestly love to go by their factory and check out how they coat these.

Basically what we’re dealing here is candied nuts. Fruit + Nuts = These. Honestly these things taste better than any candy, and each bag is roughly 20G’s of protein, so for me, that’s a straight up win-win. A snickers doesn’t have all those gains, so leave that shit on the shelf and grab a couple bags of these next time, so so good.

I love this packaging. That doesn’t always mean the food inside will taste good, but it makes me respect the company more.

I was stoked to see ingredients that I could recognize as “real” food items, like “dried apples, brown sugar, sea salt, dried lemon peel, lemon juice concentrate…”. Obviously super awesome when your snacks aren’t made of just “Corn syrup and RED DYE #4”. I’m not a nutritionist by any means, but SOMETHING TELLS ME these are way better for you than your average snack food, and trust me when I tell you, my friends at work who love junk food literally won’t stop asking me for these. These mooching scavengers have started buying these things themselves since I’ve told them they can’t have any more.

No matter where you live, you can always buy these on Amazon, which has a full range of this company’s snacks. To be honest, I can truly endorse (for sure) only a few flavors that I’ve had so far of these, but real deal, all of their snacks probably taste great.

You can expect (usually, estimated) that these run in the normal price you’d expect for a snack bag. I paid around $4/bag at my local gas station, but Amazon would have different pricing for sure.

I fully endorse this snack, I’d give it an 8.7/10, go pick some up on Amazon and I’ll get a small cut of your purchase. 😀

Here’s the nutrition facts
Check out deez nuts. (HA HA…uh….nevermind).

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