Microsoft Excel Cheat Sheet

Here’s a comprehensive list of Excel resources in the form of a “cheat sheet”. Use this page anytime you need access to Excel resources.

Excel Quick Reference PDF – A graphic that shows excel layout, simple commands, chart info, basic pivot table info and more.

Excel Commonly Used Formulas Reference – Basic explanations of lookup, date and time, math and other common formulas in Excel.

Microsoft’s Official Excel Learning Center and Documentation on Excel Features and Uses – Gives you a variety of different learning-style documentation resources directly from Microsoft.

Excel Shortcut CheatSheet – Literally just a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts. Cheatsheet – Just a simple formula and function cheatsheet.

A CheatSheet full of CheatSheets – Need I say more? This cheatsheet literally just has cheatsheets embedded in it. Kind of like this one…. cheatsheet inception?

An extensive Windows and Mac Excel Keyboard Shortcut Guide – Need I say more? If you’re working windows or mac, nearly every single useful keyboard shortcut is listed here.

Excel Courses and Learning Resources has a ton of free and premium excel courses taught by experts in the field has a ton of free excel training as well as other programming, data science and coding learning resources

Top 20 Tips and Tricks for Excel

50 Tips and Tricks in Excel

How to Excel Youtube Channel – An awesome channel for tons of how-to excel videos.

Mid-level excel features you should know about

Places to ask for help:

The Excel Subreddit – Ask questions and look them up here… lots of helpful people are in this sub.

MrExcel excel forum

ExcelGuru forum

Stackoverflow is a great place to ask questions and see previous answers is a great resource as well