“Map visuals aren’t enabled for your org. Contact your tenant admin to fix this” – Map Visual error in Microsoft Power BI

When trying to activate or enable map visuals within Microsoft Power BI, you might run into this error – “Map visuals aren’t enabled for your org. Contact your tenant admin to fix this”.

I had no clue who my tenant admin was, as I was the owner of my own Microsoft Power BI account. Spoiler alert: I was my own admin.

To fix this there’s a few steps required, which I will guide you through below with a video that explains and also some visuals.


First, you need to make sure you have your own Power BI account, which is usually attained with an “YourName@You.onmicrosoft.com email” type email account. If you have a work account for Power BI you may need to ask around and see who your tenant admin is, but if you own your own account it’s you.

Second, you’re going to need to click in the top righthand of the Power BI interface where your name is, and then click on “View account”.

From here, you need to click on the 9 dots in the top left corner, which will give you access to an “Admin” tab. When you click on this you basically become the admin if you are the only account in your organization.

From here, you will log in with your credentials and find yourself in the admin area.

Microsoft 365 admin center

You don’t need to do anything here, just go back to Power BI (restart Power BI) and enter the File > Options > Security and turn on the “Map and Filled Map Visuals” option

After this, go ahead and try using a map visual. If this doesn’t work, try restarting Power BI again and see if that fixes it.

Shoutout to babs30 on the Microsoft Power BI forum for mentioning this solution. You can read more about this issue on that forum if you like. Hope this post helped you!

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