Learn how to use Google Earth Pro

I’ve been making tutorials on various software and technology “things” for a little over a year now, and I’m finally starting to provide structured courses instead of smaller one off videos.

I’m also monetizing these videos on Skillshare and Gumroad, as well as publishing them openly on Youtube and the various other video venues.

One of the courses I just released was how to use Google Earth Pro, which is an awesome open source geospatial tool you can use for lots of things you may not think about. Professionals can make use of Google Earth Pro for tons of different things, and the average person can do really simple tasks like keep track of places of interest (I.E.- house hunting, road trips, moving or vacation places) in a way that allows you to interact with an actual map, which is pretty cool, and a way that many people are moving toward keeping track of things like this.

My 17 video course covers the fundamentals of Google Earth Pro, as well as some advanced features.

In the course you will learn:

• How to Plan a road trip

• How to Zone a city

• How to create KML and KMZ files

• Placemarks, Polygons and Measuring

• Coordinates and settings inside of Google Earth Pro

• Recording Tours

• Google Moon, Sky, Mars

• Emailing and sharing information like KML files and screenshots

All this and more is included inside the course content.

Inside this course we have two projects.

1. Planning a road trip

2. Zoning a city

Here are some of the videos up on YouTube –

Here’s where you can pick up my course on Gumroad for just $1/mo, which is just a small fee to support.

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