I’ve been learning code through Skillshare + Youtube

Up to this point, everything I’ve learned about coding + software/web development has been self taught. I’ve tapped into Youtube, Github, Stackoverflow and Google searches to figure out how to code. It’s really just a shitton of research and identifying your problems, as well as figuring out how to ask the question correctly that will help you yield positive results.

Recently I’ve been using Skillshare’s learning courses to advance my knowledge and really dig deep into my technical abilities in Vue.js, React.js, UI/UX, PHP and Mysqli.

Just a snippet of some of the classes Skillshare recommended for me based off of other learning material I’ve been absorbing.

Skillshare is pretty neat because they grab professionals who have been working in that field for awhile, and ask them to teach the courses. So instead of getting someone who follows the path of “those who can’t do, teach” IE – a college professor at a university, you’re getting a professional who is teaching this course to diversify their income by selling the course via skillshare.

Here’s what the inside of the course looks like

These courses generally go over very “real world applications”, where you actually create something that would be considered “useful” instead of just going over the theory of the code piece by piece.

Inspired by all this learning I’ve been involved in lately, I’ve been creating some tutorials on my YT channel, based off of some of the things I’ve learned on Skillshare, because many of the YT tutorial videos available on these subjects are poorly done (in my opinion), and I’ve been trying to help myself learn by teaching, as well as spread the wealth out to others.

Overall I would highly suggest you go take a look at Skillshare and see if you can benefit from some of the awesome courses over there, especially if you’re interested in coding (other topics are covered as well over there).

Here’s one of the videos I’ve created based off of what I’ve been learning lately.

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