How to get over a million views on your TikTok video

The TikTok algorithm is still being figured out by it’s users, and let me tell ya, it’s not very straightforward. I’ll cover some of the things I know that got me to to where I have at least one video that gained 1 million views.

I started my account about two weeks ago, and quickly gained 10K followers and 360K likes (so far) with 279 videos posted on my account.

Here’s one of my biggest posts, which is a reshare that I found on reddit, of a Harry Potter inspired animation, which I later learned was created by Pencilmation. I found the video, thought it was cool, and reposted it to share with the TikTok community.

So let’s get down to what I know about the algorithm. Everything I learned was through experience, and also from this guy’s Youtube Channel – 李俊超

This video explains some awesome concepts that will help you, and many people have expressed that it has helped them as well. Absolutely worth the 23 minutes.

Some of the comments from this video.

TikTok basically only cares about sharing content that has a high engagement ratio. Basically, if the content is “hot” or being liked, rewatched, or shared heavily, it will continue to be served to users similar to users who engaged with it via their “for you” page.

Basically if you and your best friend like and engage with the same TikTok accounts, or some “type” of content, like memes that share the same sound, you will likely have the same type of content in your “for you” pages. You’ll be sending each other videos like “Hey, did you see this one?”, and you get that ole “Yeah, I already did”, because you guys are on the same algorithm wavelength.

TikTok “features” certain sounds, and you need to pay attention to this, because featured sounds *seem* to make your video have a higher potential to go viral.

I suspect that TikTok may be featuring these songs (possibly) because of two reasons.

  1. A record label payed a fee so that song would become featured and therefore popular or trending.
  2. TikTok wants people to use the same sounds because people like that music to go along with their visuals.

Either way, if you use a song from the featured list, it’s highly likely it will help boost your TikTok’s viral potential.

The next general principle is that TikToks that follow trends, or videos that are what i’d call “highly relevant” on other websites like Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, will likely do very well on TikTok.

One thing that has also given me consistent success is using at least 5 hashtags on my post, make sure those hashtags relate to your video or are hashtags that you see on videos on your “for you” page.

Also, take advantage of putting text over your videos, or using new effects. TikTok loves it when you use their app’s features to the fullest, because it effectively means you are “reformatting or recreating” the content using their product… which ultimately makes it something they can partially own or take credit for. They love that.

Follow these basics, and you should get somewhere.

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