how to buy groceries from amazon

How to avoid going to the store by buying almost all of your weekly groceries from Amazon.

Most of us don’t like going to the store for groceries. It’s usually a boring experience, and most of us would rather the food just magically show up at our doorstep. I’m one of those people, and since the start of 2020 (and even before that) I’ve been experimenting with shopping on Amazon for as much of my weekly groceries as I could.

Think of shopping for food on Amazon like Costco or Sams Club in the sense that you’re buying in bulk for a lot of it, but honestly, you don’t have to buy all the way bulky, sometimes instead of getting one jar of peanut butter you’re getting two… where as at Costco or somewhere like that you might be buying a four pack (or more).

I was really surprised to find out..

No.. it doesn’t really cost more at all.

Yes, you can schedule your purchases ahead of time so you don’t forget.

Yes they have an insanely broad selection on Amazon.

Below I’m developing a bunch of “grocery lists” for all of the items available on Amazon that will help you make some extremely common meals.

Chicken Noodle Soup

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