Ghost Nitric Oxide Sour Watermelon (basically endurance candy)

I had a random stranger tell me that I needed to grab some Nitric Oxide to increase my workout endurance, so of course I took their advice like it came from god himself in a vision and went to GNC and bought some the next day.

Not only were the effects awesome, but the taste was great as well, and I’m pretty stoked that I know have this supplement that I know have something like this in my arsenal for workouts.

I used it for running as well as bodyweight workouts and definitely didn’t get “smoked” or burnt out as quickly, which is what this supplement is supposed to do for you. Throw it in water, drink 30 minutes before a workout, easy.

Ghost has a line of pretty cool products, but this Warheads Sour Watermelon is especially good, I’ve had some other flavors in workout supplements and some of them straight up taste like plasticky trash, but this one surprised me. Check them out here on Amazon.

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