Energy Sources Across the United States by Monthly Consumption – 2020

Winter storms hit areas of the US as low as the US-Mexico border with chilling temperatures, disrupting the power grid and causing a natural disaster that brought the topic of US power infrastructure to the forefront of public discussion.

While some blamed windmills in Texas from being frozen over, others claimed that outdated infrastructure such as power lines and backup generators were the core cause of the issue.

Regardless of who is right or wrong on identifying the root cause of this loss of power for multiple states, energy remains the most important issue for every country in the world.

I compiled data from the EIA (US Energy Information Administration) to take a basic below surface level look at what types of energy states are consuming. I pulled and visualized all of the data (by month) for 2020.

Link to visualization – Energy Sources Across the United States, by Monthly Consumption – 2020 – Micah Johns | Tableau Public

Hopefully as we start to dive deeper, we can remove the issue of energy from one side of the political spectrum or another and pass legislation that reinforces and improves America’s power grid for the future.

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