Damn, I want a house in Washington. 9 of my favorite real estate finds from Zillow.

Mountains, big ass evergreen trees, whatever. I want a house in Washington state, and I’ve been looking around the state for houses on Zillow for some time now. Check out these awesome finds.

Yes, i’m boring. This red suburban build for some reason really speaks to me. For 409k though, oof.

This little cabin is a hiking paradise. I can really see myself just spending days in the woods and coming back home to crash and watch some Netflix. Very rustic, very chill.

If you don’t have taste for lakehouses, what are you even doing with your life? This porch speaks for itself. Look at that fuckin’ view. Incredible. Imagine having that with your daily cup of coffee. The “infinity living room” doesn’t hurt the porch either. Not having doors is dope. Also, the new style of construction makes me feel like it’s the type of house that Ikea would make if they sold… whole houses.

This rustic yet unique modern cabin build has a pretty sick twist between classic wood interior and some new appliances. The location is awesome, absolutely a favorite for sure.

Family house? I can literally smell the marshmallows roasting in the back yard. It’s only 1.9M, no big deal right? Love the siding, very cool color. High ceilings are also very nice.

A beach house in a state with mountains? Awesome. This has some awesome North Carolina type beachhouse bungalo vibes mixed in with a modern “I work for a startup in the northwest, check my IPO” type vibe.

Once again, kind of a suburban vibe, but this guy is tucked out in a sort of rural area, with 7 acres to itself. Pretty awesome log benches in the front too. Average for the 900k ticket, but I’d still throw it into my vibe of houses i’d gladly take the keys to in this area of the world.

This one screams “host a party in here” this pool is sick. The skylights add a ton, and the beach vibe is awesome as well. I saved this one for last because it was a personal favorite find of mine.

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