5 Dope Backpacks You May Have to Invest In

Every so often, you gotta upgrade into some new gear. School, hikes, trips, all of these have different demands, and here’s my top 10 picks for best backpacks you may have not seen before.

  1. The YETI Panga
The best thing about this pack is it’s versatility outdoors. You could keep electronics in here, wade through a river and they would stay 100% dry. Outdoor photographers… something to consider (even though this isn’t really a photo gear backpack, still..) Pretty sweet.

2. The Makryden Laptop Backpack

This is an awesome college backpack, the style is amazing and the reviews say it’s material is exceptional.

Plenty of room for all your tech and more. This pack also has an anti theft pocket, making it a perfect option for traveling.

3. The Timbuk2 Wander Pack

The style of this pack is awesome, and it’s something more along the lines of a casual travel pack, but it’s pretty versatile and that’s why it made this list.

4. The BOPAI Laptop Backpack

This ultra-thin laptop backpack is only 3 inches wide, and the design is super sick. If you only have to pack a laptop and a few other things around with you, i’d pick this one up for sure.

5. The North Face Borealis Backpack

North Face is really just consistent, and something about their designs just really strike home with me. An awesome option for light travel, or even as a gym backpack. My favorite feature is the nylon straps on the outside of the pack, you can kind of hang whatever you want there.

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