10 Photos that make me wish I was a billionaire

You know those photos “Lux” tumblr accounts post of lifestyles that cost a figure that only Bill Gate’s side chick could hope to live? Yeah, I love looking at that stuff. Here’s some photos that really stood out to me.

This Audi.
I love jetskis. Or whatever this is.
Some modern architecture comes off a little bit cold, but I’d have at least one house like this if I was worth a B.
Imagine eating out here every day? Unreal.
I love movies, and one of the things that goes straight into my mansion first thing is a movie theater like this.
I’ve always wanted a house in Florida near the beach. This photo gives me the inspiration of what I would want it to look like.
I can just feel the heated seats in this RR. Cold outside, warm inside. I’d have one of these in the garage no doubt.
I want a house in the mountains as well, and this one looks like a perfect back porch.
I love the idea of having a bowling alley in your house. Sounds like a ton of fun, especially when you don’t have to pay per round.
Who doesn’t want to blow 40K on one of those maldives trips to those little “over the water cabin thingys”. Hell yeah, no idea what these are called but I want to take a vacation that looks like this.

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