Technology Things I Endorse

I’ve been learning code through Skillshare + Youtube

Up to this point, everything I’ve learned about coding + software/web development has been self taught. I’ve tapped into Youtube, Github, Stackoverflow and Google searches to figure out how to code. It’s really just a shitton of research and identifying your problems, as well as figuring out how to ask the question correctly that will […]

Food and Snacks

Up your snack game with Sahale Snacks pomegranate pistachios

I’ve been straight up addicted to these Sahale Snacks since I found them, and every day that I work, I stop by the gas station and pick up a pack or two. I like to keep my protein intake pretty high, and healthy snacks are my typical-go-to, so when I saw this Frankenstein-esque trail mix-esque […]