Gear Things I Endorse

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife

The Spyderco Tenacious is an awesome little folder I picked up a few months ago off of Amazon. Wasn’t that much, and it’s proved to be a really solid everyday carry workhorse for my daily tasks. From cutting up snacks, opening boxes, cutting rope, and pretty much anything else I throw at it, the edge […]

Food and Snacks Things I Endorse

Ghost Nitric Oxide Sour Watermelon (basically endurance candy)

I had a random stranger tell me that I needed to grab some Nitric Oxide to increase my workout endurance, so of course I took their advice like it came from god himself in a vision and went to GNC and bought some the next day. Not only were the effects awesome, but the taste […]

Internet Finds Things I Endorse

5 Dope Backpacks You May Have to Invest In

Every so often, you gotta upgrade into some new gear. School, hikes, trips, all of these have different demands, and here’s my top 10 picks for best backpacks you may have not seen before. The YETI Panga 2. The Makryden Laptop Backpack This is an awesome college backpack, the style is amazing and the reviews […]

Technology Things I Endorse

I’ve been learning code through Skillshare + Youtube

Up to this point, everything I’ve learned about coding + software/web development has been self taught. I’ve tapped into Youtube, Github, Stackoverflow and Google searches to figure out how to code. It’s really just a shitton of research and identifying your problems, as well as figuring out how to ask the question correctly that will […]