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Energy Sources Across the United States by Monthly Consumption – 2020

Winter storms hit areas of the US as low as the US-Mexico border with chilling temperatures, disrupting the power grid and causing a natural disaster that brought the topic of US power infrastructure to the forefront of public discussion. While some blamed windmills in Texas from being frozen over, others claimed that outdated infrastructure such […]

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Data Analysis: The 2020 Michigan Election

I really enjoyed the challenge of sourcing this data and I only almost pulled my hair out two or three times in the process. Election data is seriously difficult to get a hold of because every state has some very specific and different ways of exposing what their results are. First, I’m just going to […]

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Data Analysis: The Pennsylvania 2020 Election

So I’ve decided to start doing data science projects on topics that interest me. In this case, many people are looking for a way to understand and discuss what occurred in the 2020 US election. The way I find to be most effective in exploring this issue is through collecting and visualizing data. Here’s a […]