Internet Finds Weird Places

Weird places: Deception Island Antarctica

So there’s this weird island in Antarctica where a bunch of whalers basically left their junk during the great depression. Pretty interesting and otherworldly place that not many people get to go to. Check out this Google Maps tour of this island: Here’s a couple cool photos I found of this place.

Internet Finds Real Estate

Damn, I want a house in Washington. 9 of my favorite real estate finds from Zillow.

Mountains, big ass evergreen trees, whatever. I want a house in Washington state, and I’ve been looking around the state for houses on Zillow for some time now. Check out these awesome finds. Yes, i’m boring. This red suburban build for some reason really speaks to me. For 409k though, oof. This little cabin is […]


First time trying out a new photography style

My wife and I went and tried out some new photography styles tonight, here’s a few of the results we got. Let me know what you think, also, check me out on Shutterstock.

Internet Finds

Some inspiring and amazing photos I found this week

I found several photos this week I want to share with you, check them out. Really awesome travel photos that fit the vibe of my week. Enjoy!

Social media

How to get over a million views on your TikTok video

The TikTok algorithm is still being figured out by it’s users, and let me tell ya, it’s not very straightforward. I’ll cover some of the things I know that got me to to where I have at least one video that gained 1 million views. I started my account about two weeks ago, and quickly […]

Technology Things I Endorse

I’ve been learning code through Skillshare + Youtube

Up to this point, everything I’ve learned about coding + software/web development has been self taught. I’ve tapped into Youtube, Github, Stackoverflow and Google searches to figure out how to code. It’s really just a shitton of research and identifying your problems, as well as figuring out how to ask the question correctly that will […]

Food and Snacks

Up your snack game with Sahale Snacks pomegranate pistachios

I’ve been straight up addicted to these Sahale Snacks since I found them, and every day that I work, I stop by the gas station and pick up a pack or two. I like to keep my protein intake pretty high, and healthy snacks are my typical-go-to, so when I saw this Frankenstein-esque trail mix-esque […]